EVERED, ex-called DLYMCC about two decades ago, the leading heavy industrial M&E supplier, opened its first branch in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, China.

Since then, EVERED has exported more than 5,400sets M&E into more than 96 countries across the world, the fastest growing supplier for mining and quarry, building industry, chemical industry, Evered adheres to being confident, inclusive and open, rising to the challenges, pursuing excellence, and creating a better future together. Professionalism, quality and service are central to every heavy industrial product. Without a solid commitment to PQS, the reputation and popularity a product enjoys can become a thing of the past in seconds. Evered are already pursuing to capture the market share by offering better service & quality at more reasonable prices.

In the face of such fierce competition across the world, Evered is doing its image good by being cautious about its approach to PQS. Evered knows if a heavy industrial M&E giant wants to improve its image in the world, it has to buck up and show due respect to its customers. Evered will stay committed to true win-win cooperation, an open and inclusive spirit of partnership, and actively share expertise and relevant experience, share best quality and service. We are ready to work with all like-minded parties/customers to implement the cooperation, step up efforts to build a global community of common development. Evered will strongly contribute to our joint effort in promoting stronger, greener, healthier and more sustainable global cooperation and development.




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