• Material: 65Mn, ZGMn13, Cast steel, alloy steel plate(Mn13、Mn13Cr2、Mn18Cr2...), cast iron, rubber, polyurethane...
  • Compatible models: Jaw crusher/impact crusher/cone crusher/sand making machine/ball mill...
  • Application scope: Construction, mining, railways, highways, energy, transportation, energy, cement, coal, food, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, mechanical manufacturing, decoration, electronics, aerospace,...
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Liners are primarily used in various crushers/mills/screens and are widely employed in industries such as mining, metallurgy, construction, roads, railways, water resources, and chemicals. These liners serve to protect the machine and, with high wear resistance, provide more effective maintenance, thereby reducing machine wear and achieving lower damage, effectively maintaining the machine structure, extending the equipment's service life, and improving output.
Liners are used to protect the crusher/mill/screen main body from wear and damage. They also prevent oversized materials from penetrating and damaging internal components of the machine. Therefore, the material and quality of liners are crucial for improving the production efficiency of the crusher/mill/screen and reducing maintenance costs.
Liners have many common aliases like guard plate, side guard plate, upper guard plate, lower guard plate, perimeter guard plate, liner, anvil plate. For crushers/mills/screens, the main materials used are manganese-chromium alloy (Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2), new composite materials, bimetal composite materials, modified high manganese steel, and others. These machines with liners are suitable for processing pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, and others in gravel yards, mining excavation, coal mining excavation, concrete mixing plants, dry powder mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand.

Materials for Liners:

Cast Steel Liners: Made from galvanized carbon steel plates with certain mechanical properties and good forgeability. They have a high surface hardness and are suitable for medium-hard materials like ores, slag, and coal.
Alloy Steel Plate Liners: Manufactured from high-quality high manganese steel alloy, these liners have strong wear resistance and impact resistance. They are suitable for high-hardness and high-toughness materials such as ores, limestone, and dolomite.
Cast Iron Liners: This category includes high-chromium cast iron, high manganese steel cast iron, and alloy steel cast iron. They possess good wear resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance and are widely used in fields like coal, cement, dry sand, and more.
Polyurethane Elastic Liners: Liners made of polyurethane material use their elasticity to absorb the impact of materials, reducing wear. They are suitable for smaller crushers and for fine crushing applications.

Selection and Maintenance of Liners:

When selecting liners, factors such as ore hardness, machine model, mining process, material properties, and more should be considered to ensure maximum production efficiency and long-term equipment stability. Liner maintenance is also crucial. Regular replacement and maintenance can delay machine aging and damage, thus extending the equipment's service life.
In the operation of crushers/mills/screens, the material and quality of liners are critical. They not only affect the machine's performance but also have a direct impact on production efficiency and equipment lifespan. Therefore, when purchasing and using liners, reasonable selection and maintenance should be based on the specific circumstances.

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