Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

  • Feed size allowed: 400-1200mm
  • Capacity: 40-1250t/h
  • Application scope: Widely used in fields such as mining, construction, coal mining, metallurgy, and chemical industry.
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ZSW series vibrating grizzly feeders are linear feeders suitable to continuously and evenly feed block and granular materials to primary crusher, meanwhile having the function of pre-screening the materials.


  • Larger capacity, higher efficiency

  • More flexible to control and adjust, easy to install, operate and maintain

  • Better material, superior design extends working life-span

  • Based on the principle that vibrating eccentric shaft produces exciting force

  • Even vibration and smooth feeding help maintain a balanced production line

  • Pre-screening function can significantly increase crushing efficiency

  • Physical design of adjustable grizzly bars has efficiently avoid material blockages

  • An adjustable-speed motor can be used to control the feeding rate, avoiding frequent motor starts.

  • Low-noise operation contributes to creating a better working environment.

Working Principle

The exciter works as the vibration source of the vibrating grizzly feeder which is composed of two eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) and gears. The motor drives the driving shaft to rotate at high speed, the gear of the driving shaft engages with the driven shaft, and then the two shafts rotate together in the reverse direction that make the trough body to move forward the material continuously. When the material moves along the grizzly bar, the material that is smaller than the bar-bar distance will drop down from the gap between grizzly bars, thus realizing feeding and classifying.

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Model Max feed size allowed Rotating speed Capacity Power Dimension
(mm) (r/min) (t/h) (kw) (mm)
ZSW300x85 400 500-800 40~100 7.5 3100x1790x1610
ZSW380x95 500 500-800 90~160 11 3970x2259x1880
ZSW420x110 580 500-800 120~240 15 4392x2519x2003
ZSW490x110 580 500-800 150~300 18.5 5093x2545x2014
ZSW490x130 650 500-800 150~400 22 5200x2370x1720
ZSW600x130 750 500-800 220~560 30 6124x2863x2051
ZSW600x150 900 500-800 260~620 37 6271x2369x2698
ZSW600x180 1050 600-800 400~1000 45 6268x2653x3097
ZSW600x210 1200 600-850 550~1250 45 6417x2880x3159

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