Spring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher

  • Feed size allowed: 35-300mm
  • Capacity: 12-800t/h
  • Application scope: Widely used in fields such as mining, construction, coal mining, metallurgy, aggregate field, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar plant, quartz sand, etc.
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The spring cone crusher is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium to high hardness. It features reliable structure, high production efficiency, easy adjustment, and cost-effective operation. Its spring safety system serves as overload protection, allowing foreign objects like iron blocks to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the machine. It can be sealed with either dry oil or water, separating the stone powder from the lubricating oil to ensure reliable operation. Depending on customer requirements, it can be classified in standard type (PYB), medium type (PYZ), and short head type (PYD) for coarse, medium, and fine crushing operations, respectively.


  • High crushing force, high efficiency, and a high processing capacity

  • Low operating costs, easy adjustment, and cost-effective operation

  • Long service life due to rational material selection and structural design of components

  • Different crusher chamber types are available for each specification, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their needs

  • Reliable structure and stable performance

  • Long service life for wear-resistant components, resulting in low operating costs

  • Dry oil sealing method is employed to isolate dust from lubricating oil, extending the equipment's lifespan

  • Continuous oil lubrication from the thin oil station reduces downtime for maintenance


This spring cone crusher consists of frame, transmission shaft, eccentric gasket, bowl-like bearing, crushing cone, sustaining gasket, adjusting gasket, feeding part, spring, flexible coupling, lubrication part, electric part, etc.
When the spring cone crusher is in operation, the electric motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through an elastic coupling, transmission shaft, and a pair of bevel gears. This, in turn, causes the main shaft within the eccentric sleeve to drive the concave assembly(movable cone) in a swinging motion. The swinging movement brings the concave assembly closer to and farther away from the concave assembly(fixed cone), resulting in a continuous cycle of squeezing, bending, and impacting on the material within the crushing chamber, eventually breaking it down. After crushing, the material is discharged from the bottom outlet due to the force of gravity.

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Type Movable cone dia. (mm) Max feed size allowed (mm) Outlet setting sphere
Capacity (t/h) Rotation speed (r/min) Power (kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(t)
PYB600 600 65 12-25 20-40 356 30 2234x1370x1675 5
PYD600 600 35 3-13 12-23 356 30 2234x1370x1675 5.5
PYB900 900 115 15-50 50-90 333 55 2692x1640x2350 11.2
PYZ900 900 60 5-20 20-65 333 55 2692x1640x2350 11.2
PYD900 900 50 3-13 15-50 333 55 2692x1640x2350 11.3
PYB1200 1200 145 20-50 110-168 300 110 2790x1878x2844 24.7
PYZ1200 1200 100 8-25 42-135 300 110 2790x1878x2844 25
PYD1200 1200 50 3-15 18-105 300 110 2790x1878x2844 25.3
PYB1750 1750 215 25-50 280-480 245 160 3910x2894x3809 50.3
PYZ1750 1750 185 10-30 115-320 245 160 3910x2894x3809 50.3
PYD1750 1750 85 5-13 75-230 245 160 3910x2894x3809 50.2
PYB2200 2200 300 30-60 59-1000 220 260-280 4622x3302x4470 80
PYZ2200 2200 230 10-30 200-580 220 260-280 4622x3302x4470 80
PYD2200 2200 100 5-15 120-340 220 260-280 4622x3302x4470 81

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