Pan Feeder

Pan Feeder

  • Feed size allowed: 70-270mm
  • Capacity: 40-200t/h
  • Application scope: Widely used in various industries, including mining, metallurgy, coal mining, construction materials, light industry, chemicals, power, and agriculture.
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The pan feeder is used to uniformly, continuously, or quantitatively feed bulk, granular, or powdered materials from storage bins or hoppers or other storage devices to receiving equipment. They are suitable for applications involving automated batching, quantitative packaging, and automatic control of feeding processes. The GZG series pan feeders are of a standard pan/trough type and are used for materials without special requirements. 

It is characterized by its small size, low noise, light weight, low power consumption, and easy installation and maintenance.


Special vibration exciting motor, energy saving and environmental protection

Utilizing the self-synchronization principle of a special vibration exciting motor, it starts quickly, works stably, stops smoothly, and has low noise. Additionally, this pan feeder is lightweight, compact, and easy to maintain. When a closed structure is used, it can prevent dust spillage and environmental pollution.

Clever design, less wear on the pan/trough

The pan feeder adopts the principle of resonance. The material continuously jumps forward according to the parabolic trajectory, and the wear of the pan/trough is little.

Stepless adjustment, high accuracy of feeding amount

During the use of the pan feeder, the exciting force can be adjusted to change and control the flow rate. This makes it easy to adjust, ensures stable flow rates, reduces noise, minimizes power consumption, and eliminates material impact.

Using a half-wave rectification control circuit, the feeding amount can be adjusted steplessly within the rated output. In addition, the material flow can be changed and opened and closed instantaneously, and the feeding amount has high accuracy.

The GZG series pan feeder has widely replaced electromagnetic vibrating feeders in various applications. Since it uses a excitation motor as the vibration source, it offers strong control over speed and power. By controlling the motor's speed and conveying power, you can achieve precise control of the feeding amount, making it very convenient for practical production needs.


The feeding process of the GZG series pan feeder is: a special vibration exciting motor or two excitation motors drive the feed pan/trough to make periodic linear reciprocating vibrations in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of the vibration acceleration of the feed pan/trough is greater than the gravity acceleration, the material in the pan/trough is thrown up and jumps forward according to the parabolic trajectory. The throwing and falling are completed in an instant. Due to the continuous excitation of the excitation source, the feeding pan/trough continuously vibrates, and the material in the pan/trough continues to move forward and vibrate to achieve the purpose of feeding.

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Model Max feed size allowed(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Amplitude(mm) Dimension(mm) Remark
GZG50-4 70 40 0.55×2 2—3 1598×810×675 Light-duty
GZG60-4 90 50 0.55×2 2—3 1865×910×676
GZG70-4 110 60 0.75×2 2—4 1930×1030×764
GZG80-4 140 80 0.75×2 2—4 1930×1126×764
GZG90-4 170 95 1.1×2 2—4 1930×1226×815
GZG100-4 200 110 1.1×2 2—5 1930×1326×915
GZG110-4 220 130 1.5×2 2—5 1930×1426×983
GZG80-4 140 80 1.1×2 2—5 1945×990×826 Heavy-duty
GZG100-4 200 110 1.5×2 2—5 2130×1198×908
GZG110-4 220 130 1.5×2 2—5 2145×1298×920
GZG125-4 240 160 1.5×2 2—5 2345×1448×920
GZG200-4 270 200 2.2×2 3—5 2645×1690×995

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