Symons Cone Crusher

Symons Cone Crusher

  • Feed size allowed: 13-334mm
  • Capacity: 27-1270t/h
  • Application scope: Widely used in fields such as mining, construction, coal mining, metallurgy, aggregate field, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar plant, quartz sand, etc.
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Symons cone crusher is a modern, high-performance crusher developed by our company based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology and designed to meet customer requirements. It is built on the principles of laminated crushing and the concept of maximizing crushing and minimizing grinding. This crusher combines a high swing frequency, optimized chamber design, and a rational stroke to deliver exceptional performance.
Symons cone crusher finds wide applications in various industries, including both metallic and non-metallic ores, cement plants, construction, sand and gravel, metallurgy, and more. It is suitable for crushing materials such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles, river stone, basalt, ...


1. High performance

Through optimized chamber design and a combination of reasonable speed and stroke, symons cone crusher can do the most work for the same movable cone diameter. Consequently, it offers higher performance and production capacity compared to other cone crushers of the same type.

Use laminated crushing principle, to make more cubic shape materials and less needle-like materials.

2. Proportionate composition of final output

By using the principle of laminated crushing, it significantly increases the proportion of cubic-shaped products, reduces needle-like stones, and results in a more uniform particle size distribution.

3. Good stability

When non-crushable materials like iron blocks enter the machine, the iron-through protection device will automatically release them and then reset. The iron-through protection has a fixed discharge opening return point, allowing for a quick return to the original discharge opening after the foreign material has passed through the crushing chamber.

4. Convenient cleaning-up

If the crusher stops under load condition, the hydraulic cavity clearing system can quickly clean the crushing chamber, significantly reducing downtime.

5. High reliability

It employs a large-diameter main shaft, heavy-duty main frame, and an independent automatic control system for a thin oil lubrication system, ensuring robustness and reliable operation of the crusher.

6. Easy maintenance and operation

All parts can be disassembled from the top or the side, making it convenient to remove both the fixed and movable cone assemblies. Bronze sliding bearings can maintain excellent load-bearing performance even in high-impact and vibration crushing environments, offering a more cost-effective and easier maintenance solution compared to rolling bearings.

7. Low production costs

With its high production capacity, high reliability, and easy maintenance, it significantly reduces production costs.

8. Widespread Use

Symons cone crusher is designed to maximize performance for various crushing processes, from coarse to fine crushing and from stationary to mobile crushing stations. It offers different cavity types for selection based on the crushing process flow.


Symons cone crusher consists primarily of a frame, fixed cone assembly, movable cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl-shaped shaft frame, and a transmission system. Its auxiliary components include the electrical system, thin oil lubrication system, and hydraulic clearing chamber system.

During operation, an electric motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through a V-belt, large pulley, transmission shaft, small bevel gear, and large bevel gear. This rotation causes the axis of the crushing cone to swing, moving the crushing wall surface closer to and away from the concave surface. This continuous movement allows materials within the annular crushing chamber formed by the fixed cone and the movable cone to be subjected to repeated impacts, compression, and bending, ultimately breaking them. After several cycles of compression, impact, and bending, the materials are crushed to the required particle size and discharged through the lower part of the crusher.

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Model Movable cone dia. (mm) Cavity Feed opening Outlet setting sphere(mm) Capacity
Shaft rotation speed(r/min) Power
Close side Opening side
CSB75 900(3') Fine 83 102 9-22 45-91 580 75 15 2821x1880x2164
Coarse 159 175 13-38 59-163
CSB160 1295(4 1/4’) Fine 109 137 13-31 109-181 485 185 27 2800x2342x2668
Medium 188 210 16-31 132-253
Coarse 216 241 19-51 172-349
CSB240 1650(5 1/2’) Fine 188 209 16-38 181-327 485 240 55 3911x2870x3771
Medium 213 241 22-51 258-417
Coarse 241 268 25-64 299-635
CSB315 2134(7') Fine 253 278 19-38 381-726 435 315 110 4613x3251x4732
Medium 303 334 25-51 608-998
Coarse 334 369 31-64 789-1270


Model Movable cone dia. (mm) Cavity Feed opening Outlet setting sphere(mm) Capacity(t/h) Shaft rotation speed(r/min) Power
Close side Opening side
CSD75 914(3') Fine 13 41 3-13 27-90 580 75 15 2821x1880x2410
Coarse 33 60 3-16 27-100
CSD160 1295(4 1/4’) Fine 29 64 3-16 36-163 485 160 27 2800x2342x2668
Medium 54 89 6-16 82-163
Coarse 70 105 10-25 109-227
CSD240 1676(5 1/2’) Fine 35 70 5-13 90-209 485 240 55 3917x2870x3771
Medium 54 89 6-19 136-281
Coarse 98 133 10-25 190-336
CSD315 2134(7') Fine 51 105 5-16 190-408 435 315 110 4130x3251x4454

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