Drilling Machine(Drilling Rig)

Drilling Machine(Drilling Rig)

  • Drilling diameter: 76-254mm
  • Drilling depth: 15-100m
  • Application scope: quarrying projects, open pit mining, road construction, power station, anchor in road, railway, drilling and blasting operation of national defense engineering etc.
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DTH (Down-The-Hole) drilling rig is a specialized piece of equipment used in various industries for drilling deep holes into the ground or rock, such as rock bolt hole, anchor cable hole, blasting hole, injected hole etc, at urban construction project, rod construction project, surface mining, high altitude surface mining, foundation pit construction, large scale open-bit mining, road slope protection project, etc. DTH drilling rigs are vital tools for a variety of industries, thanks to their speed, precision, and versatility. Their ability to create deep and accurate boreholes is essential for tasks ranging from resource exploration to infrastructure construction and geotechnical investigations.
DTH drilling rig are divided into three types based on their structure: portable DTH drilling rig, crawler DTH drilling rig, and integrated DTH drilling rig.


  • 1.High drilling speed: DTH drilling is typically faster than other drilling methods

  • 2.Precision: It is suitable for accurate drilling in various rock formations

  • 3.Versatility: DTH rigs can handle different hole sizes and depths

  • 4.Minimal deviation: It ensures straighter holes with minimal deviation

  • 5. Torque improved for larger: hole range drilling and widely used for foundation bolting and anchoring, casing and large hole spiral drilling.

  • 6. Optional dry dust collector for dust free drilling, more environment friendly and energy saving

  • 7. New enclosure design for better appearance and convenient for maintenance and service.

  • 8. All structural parts reinforced for various work conditions.

  • 9. Total drilling cost are lower than other drilling methods.

  • 10. The rugged track was driven by hydraulic motor with high traveling ability


The DTH drilling rig is constituted by the drilling machine, drill pipe, drill bit, DTH hammer, and air compressor. During operation, one end of drill pipe is connected to rotator of drilling rig, the anther end is connected to one end of DTH hammer, and the another end of DTH is connected to the drill bit. The air compressor is connected to the rotary device of drilling rig through a high-pressure hose. The air compressor provides high-pressure air that acts on the DTH hammer through high pressure hose and drill pipe. The piston of DTH hammer is powered by high-pressure air to perform reciprocating motion, which drives the drill bit to perform reciprocating motion to impact the rock. At the same time, the spindle of drilling rig's rotator rotates to drive the drill pipe, DTH hammer, and drill bit to achieve the goal of breaking rocks. The rock debris that is crushed by the drill bit is discharged from the hole by the high-pressure air of the air compressor, Ultimately achieving the purpose of drilling and chiseling into holes.

In summary, a DTH drilling rig uses compressed air to power a hammer and bit at the bottom of a drill pipe. The hammer bit strikes the material surface, creating a hole by breaking and chipping away the rock or soil. This drilling method is commonly used in mining, construction, geothermal drilling, and other applications where deep and precise holes are required in hard materials.



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Parameters of portable DTH drilling rig

Model Hole diameter Hole depth Working pressure Air consumption Motor power
(mm) (m) (MPa) (m3/min) (kw)
KQD70 60--80 ≥15 0.5-0.7 ≥3.5 3
KQD100B 80--100 ≥20 0.5-0.7 ≥6 4
KQD100 80--100 ≥20 0.5-0.7 ≥6 4
KQD120 80-100 ≥20 0.5-0.7 ≥6 5.5
KQD145B 90-130 ≥50 0.7-1.4 ≥12 7.5
KQD150B 90-130 ≥50 0.7-1.4 ≥12 7.5
KQD165 90-150 ≥50 0.7-1.4 ≥15 11

Parameters of crawler DTH drilling rig

Model Hole diameter Hole depth Working pressure Air consumption Engine power
(mm) (m) (MPa) (m3/min) (kw)
KG410 90-115 25 0.8-1.8 10-17 58
KG430 90-152 25 1.2-2 13-20 58
KG510 105-152 25 1.2-2 13-22 58
KG520 105-152 25 1.5-2 15-22 73
KG610 105-202 40 1.3-2.2 15-26 92
KG730 90-165 21 1.2-2.4 11-21 92
KG960 105-220 25 1.4-2.4 12-24 93

Parameters of integrated DTH drilling rig

Model Hole diameter Hole depth Compressor pressure Compressor air flow Engine power
(mm) (m) (MPa) (m3/min) (kw)
KT5 80-105 25 1.5 10 140
KT7 90-135 24 1.8 15 176
KT9 115-165 24 2.2 20 240
KT10 90-125 32 1.7 18 242
KT12 115-152 28 2.2 20 265
KT15 135-190 35 2.5 22 298
KT25 152-203 35 2.5 26 335

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