Mobile Plant

Mobile Plant

  • Feed size allowed: 500-930mm
  • Capacity: 90-600t/h
  • Application scope: mining, smelting, building material, highway, road and railway construction, water conservancy, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, cement industry, construction industry, refractory materials industry and ceramic industry and other sectors.
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Mobile plant can not only be operated as a single device, but is also widely used in two-stage, three-stage, or four-stage crushing processes to meet various crushing needs from coarse crushing to medium crushing, fine crushing, and ultra-fine crushing. According to needs, corresponding mobile screening plant can also be equipped to achieve integrated crushing and screening functions. The mobile plant emphasizes the essence of complete functionality, stable performance, and strong practicality. The perfect matching between various systems greatly increases the equipment output. Compared with fixed crushing and screening plant with the same installed power, the equipment performance and stability are more reliable, the functions are more powerful and diverse, and the processing capacity of the entire plant is greatly improved, with a wider range of applications.

The mobile plant is with the most advanced modular design: vehicle universality and host interchangeability.

The mobile plant has a common body for multiple models, and each unit host can be quickly interchanged. With the need to invest in the cost of a single main equipment and electronic control system, in a short period of time, the mining area can achieve unit exchange on the same body, meeting on-site needs. The perfect matching between the various systems of the mobile plant enables the equipment to have more comprehensive crushing functions, adapt to a wider range of occasions, and maximize the value of customer equipment.


Lightweight design

It adopts ship style steel structure and low vehicle chassis with light weight. The volume is controlled reasonably. Hidden style traction frame is easy to be packed up and put up. The transportation turning radius is very small.

Hydraulic regulation

Feeding guard is lifted by hydraulic pressure, easy to be loaded and unloaded, conveniently and reliably to be fixed.

Component upgrade

Feeding guard adopts hierarchical type with two layers structure which provides prerequisites for widening.

Intelligent control

The vehicle control cabinet is equipped with high-tech LCD touch screen and PLC control system. LCD touch screen with HMI dialogue function makes it possess the functions of key start, misuse tips and protection, electrical control operations, fault and safe tips. It is convenient, efficient and secure.

Easy to adjust

Height of belt conveyor is adjustable. It also can be twisted and folded.

Hydraulic supporting leg design easy to operate

Landing legs adopt hydraulic lift mode which is convenient for operation and reliable performance.

Reasonable design

Feeding guard adopts hierarchical type with two layers structure which provides prerequisites for widening.

High crushing efficiency with pre-screening function

Grizzly bars of the feeder is capable to separate out the small-sized material as the wastes. By adopting the automatic separatory hatch door, materials in the wastes hopper would flow either with the side-opening belt conveyor, or with the main materials.

Beautiful and practical

With overall streamlined body design and metallic paint spraying, this plant is the perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics.



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Primary feeding and crushing plant

Model Vibrating grizzly feeder Primary crusher Max feed size allowed
Capacity(t/h) Dimension(LxWxH)
KE600-1 TSW0936 PE600x900 500 90-180 12150x2600x3950 43
KE750-1 TSW1139 PE750x1060 630 110-300 13000x2850x4400 61
KE760-1 TSW1139 PEW760 640 150-310 13000x2800x4200 55
KE860-1 TSW1345 PEW860 720 200-420 14600x3000x4500 64
KE1100-1 TSW1548 PEW1100 930 300-600 14050x2900x4000 96
KF1214II-1 TSW0936 PFW1214II 500 110-190 12150x2600x3980 48
KF1214II-1 TSW1139 PFW1214II 500 110-190 13000x2800x4200 53
KF1315II-1 TSW1345 PFW1315II 600 180-280 14600x3100x4500 61
KF1415II-1 TSW1548 PFW1415II 700 280-450 14050x3000x4000 74

Secondary/Tertiary crushing and screening plant

Model Vibrating screen Secondary/Tertiary crusher Max feed size allowed
KC75-2 3YZS1848 CSB75 102-175 45-163 12600x3000x4500 41
KC160-2 3YZS1860 CSB160 168-192 109-349 13800x3000x4500 59
KT100-2 3YZS1848 HST100H 52-192 27-115 12600x3000x4500 32
KT160-2 3YZS1860 HST160H 72-288 48-210 13800x3000x4500 41
KT250-2 3YZS1860 HST250H 88-360 90-290 13800x3000x4500 49
KT250-2 3YZS2160 HST250H 88-360 90-395 13800x3000x4500 53
KH300-2 3YZS1860 HPT300 84-168 110-320 13800x3000x4500 50
KH300-2 3YZS2160 HPT300 84-168 110-440 13800x3000x4500 54
KH300-2 4YZS2160 HPT300 84-168 110-380 13800x3150x4200 56
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PF1214 300 90-180 13800x3000x4500 53
KF1214-2 3YZS1860 PFW1214III 250 90-190 13800x3000x4500 50
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PF1315 300 120-250 13800x3150x4500 62
KF1315-2 3YZS2160 PFW1315III 300 150-280 13800x3150x4500 60
KF1315-2 4YZS2160 PFW1315III 300 150-280 13800x3150x4500 62
KF1318-2 3YZS2160 PFW1318III 300 220-350 13800x3150x4500 66
KS1848-1 3YZS1848 ------ 100 50-250 12590x3000x4500 26
KS1860-1 3YZS1860 ------ 100 60-320 13800x3000x4500 27
KS2160-1 3YZS2160 ------ 100 80-400 13800x3000x4200 31

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