Screw Type Sand Washing Machine

Screw Type Sand Washing Machine

  • Feed size allowed: 10-75mm
  • Capacity: ≤300t/h
  • Application scope: washing, grading, impurity removal, and dewatering operations in metallurgy, mining, construction, and other industries
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The screw type sand washing machine(also called spiral sand washing machine) is suitable for use in various locations, including construction sites, sand factories, hydroelectric power stations, concrete dam sites, and telegraph pole factories. It is used for processing sand as required by customers, primarily including "70" sand(also known as No. 70 sand, is a common casting material. It is a type of quartz sand with a moderate grain size, uniform particle distribution, moderate hardness, and high-temperature resistance. This type of sand is frequently used in the casting of various metal products, such as iron, steel, and copper. The particle size of "70 sand" typically ranges from 0.5 to 1.0mm, which is a medium-coarse sand. Its particle size is conducive to easy flow and filling of mold cavities, while also ensuring a smooth surface on the metal products after casting), glass quartz sand, and grout pressure sand. This machine can carry out washing, grading, and dewatering operations.
The design of the screw type sand washing machine incorporates a 15° tilted arrangement, with the lower part of the water tank consisting of three side weir plates, creating a sedimentation tank. The spiral head does not enter the sedimentation tank but is continuously rotated by a motor through a reducer. Clean water enters the tank from the bottom through a porous plate. This equipment serves three main functions: cleaning, dewatering, and classification.


  • The overall structural design is rational, ensuring stable operation, high washing efficiency, large processing capacity, and a high degree of cleanliness.

  • Specially designed feed plates and adjustable long overflow weir plates, in conjunction with optimized screw speeds, ensure precise material washing and grading.

  • Optimally designed drainage channels are in place to maximize the removal of moisture from the materials.

  • The new sealing structure minimizes the maintenance works and costs of the equipment.

  • The screw blades are manufactured from wear-resistant materials, ensuring the continuous operation of the equipment and lower operational costs.


During the operation of the screw type sand washing machine(spiral sand washer), materials are evenly fed into the feed box. A certain amount of water is continuously introduced into the main trough. The transmission system drives the spiral shaft to rotate at a specific speed, causing the materials to flip, roll, and move toward the discharge outlet within the trough. Fine-grained materials and impurities are discharged through the overflow weir with the overflow water, while coarse-grained materials exit through the discharge outlet. This process facilitates the washing, grading, impurity removal, and dewatering of materials.

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Model Screw dia.
Screw qty
Max feed size allowed
Water consumption
XL762 762 1 <10 ≤75 9-63 11 9178x2650x1808 5.20
XL914 914 1 <10 ≤100 10-90 15 9310x2830x2134 6.35
XL1118 1118 1 <10 ≤175 20-160 22 11830x3048x2230 8.57
2XL762 762 2 <10 ≤140 20-140 2x11 9178x3625x1808 7.45
2XL914 914 2 <10 ≤200 30-180 2x15 9310x3870x2134 11.30
2XL1118 1118 2 <10 ≤350 50-400 2x22 11830x4170x2230 15.90
XLZ762 762 1 <60 ≤80 150-250 22 7775x1290x2034 9.80
XLZ914 914 1 <60 ≤120 200-300 30 8324x1382x2112 11.80
XLZ1118 1118 1 <75 ≤180 250-350 37 8703x1681x2176 13.90
2XLZ762 762 2 <60 ≤150 300-400 2x22 7775x2090x2068 16.80
2XLZ914 914 2 <60 ≤200 350-450 2x30 8324x2336x2112 20.80
2XLZ1118 1118 2 <75 ≤300 450-550 2x37 8703x2861x2176 23.87

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