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EVERED has exported more than 5,400sets M&E into more than 96 countries across the world, the fastest growing supplier for mining and quarry, building industry, chemical industry, Evered adheres to being confident, inclusive and open, rising to the challenges, pursuing excellence, and creating a better future together. Professionalism, quality and service are central to every heavy industrial product. Without a solid commitment to PQS, the reputation and popularity a product enjoys can become a thing of the past in seconds. Evered are already pursuing to capture the market share by offering better service & quality at more reasonable prices.


We have manufacturing bases covering 140,000 square meters. Our mainly machining/processing/testing equipments are listed as below table:

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Item Fine plasma beveling machine Fine plasma straight cutting machine Rolling mill Automatic welding Vertical lathe CNC flat drilling machine Dynamic balancing machine NDT MAG welding machine Laser cutting machine Submerged arc welding machine
Qty 2sets 2sets 8sets 6sets 15sets 2sets 2sets 4sets 2sets 2sets 15sets
No 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Item Radial drilling machine Gantry milling machine Crane Paint film thickness gauge Bandsaw machine Roughness tester Hardness tester Vertical miller CNC shearing machine CNC bending machine Hacksawing machine
Qty 3sets 1set 42sets 2sets 4sets 10sets 10sets 4sets 4sets 4sets 3sets
No 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33
Item Velocimeter Grinding lathe Boring lathe Bullhead planer Sandblasting room Intersection line cutting machine CNC WEDM Turntable punching machine CNC punching machine Painting room Spraying-baking booth
Qty 6sets 7sets 5sets 14sets 2sets 1set 4sets 1set 3sets 1set 1set
No 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
Item Forcing press machine High frequency welding machine Engraving machine Rounding machine Slotting machine Digital ultrasonic flaw detector Direct-reading spectrometer Portable TOFD detector CNC flame cutting machine Low temperature freezing assembly equipment Resistance-heated quenching furnace
Qty 3sets 2sets 1set 2sets 3sets 2sets 1set 1set 2sets 1set 1set
Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base Partial map of EVERED production base


Evered stays committed to true win-win cooperation, an open and inclusive spirit of partnership, and actively share expertise and relevant experience, share best quality and service. We are ready to work with all like-minded parties/customers to implement the cooperation, step up efforts to build a global community of common development.

Schematic diagram of EVERED cooperative brand Schematic diagram of EVERED product construction site Schematic diagram of EVERED product construction site


We are professional boiler manufacturer, with 107IPR and more than 400 boilers in multiple series. Our main products are thermal oil boiler(also called thermic fluid heater), steam boiler, hot water boiler(powered by gas/oil/electricity/coal/biomass...). At the same time, we supply auxiliary and accessories for boilers like water softener, steam header, deaerator, chimney, pump, water tank, valves and instruments.

Our products are widely for residential, commercial and industrial use, which is closely related to people's daily lives. If you are interested in our boiler or company, just feel free to contact us.