Limestone Crushing&Screening&Grinding Plant in South Africa

  • Type: Semi-Mobile(mounted on steel structure) 
  • Max Feeding Size: 200mm
  • Final Output Size: 200mesh
  • Capacity: 100TPH(crushing and screening); 3TPH(grinding)

On September 18 of 2008, Mr.Leo from South Africa came to our factory for a visit. He owns many companies involved in multiple industries like mining, construction, transportation and wine industry. Also he opens a trading company in Hangzhou in charge of import and export business between China and South Africa.

After his visit, Mr.Leo purchased vibrating feeder GZD960x3800, hammer crusher PC1400x1400, vibrating screen 3YZS1860 and 2YZS1848, belt conveyors, Raymond mill(also called European type Trapezium Mill or roller mill) MTW110.

The crushing and screening plant is used to process limestone from 200mm into minus 20mm at 100TPH. Then the material less than 20mm is transported to grinding mill MTW110 through belt conveyor and elevator. Finally the fine powder 200mesh is produced and packaged into 20-50kg/bag.

Their project is located near Pretoria, which will take about one and half an hour by driving from airport.

Limestone powder with a fineness of 200 mesh has various applications across different industries. Some of its common uses are:

  • 1.Construction: Limestone powder is often used as a filler material in construction products such as concrete and asphalt. It enhances the strength and durability of these materials while also reducing their cost.

  • 2.Soil Stabilization: Limestone powder can be mixed with soil to improve its stability and bearing capacity. This is particularly useful in construction projects where the ground needs to be reinforced.

  • 3.Paints and Coatings: Limestone powder is used as a pigment and filler in paints, coatings, and other similar products. It helps improve the opacity, brightness, and viscosity of these materials.

  • 4.Plastics and Rubber: In the plastics and rubber industry, limestone powder can be added to enhance the mechanical properties, heat resistance, and dimensional stability of the final products.

  • 5.Paper and Pulp Industry: Limestone powder is used in the paper and pulp industry as a filler material. It improves the paper's smoothness, brightness, and opacity while reducing production costs.

  • 6.Chemical Industry: Limestone powder is used in various chemical processes as a neutralizing agent to balance the pH levels of acidic solutions. It's also used in the production of chemicals like calcium carbide.

  • 7.Agriculture: Limestone powder is used as a soil amendment to adjust soil pH levels, which can enhance nutrient availability for plants. It's often used in agricultural practices to improve crop yields.

  • 8.Water Treatment: Limestone powder is used in water treatment processes to remove impurities and adjust the pH levels of water sources, making them suitable for various industrial and domestic applications.

  • 9.Flue Gas Desulfurization: Power plants and industrial facilities use limestone powder in flue gas desulfurization processes to remove sulfur dioxide emissions from exhaust gases, reducing air pollution.

  • 10.Animal Feed: Limestone powder is sometimes added to animal feed to provide calcium and improve the nutritional content of the feed.

Limestone Crushing&Screening&Grinding Plant in South Africa

If you want to visit this project on site, or contact our client to check the machine’s work performance, please contact us: WhatsApp:+8613838097071

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